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Vanessa Layne, MEd, LMHC

Availability & Fees

Presently (May 2024) I have some openings for new individual clients on Monday, Thursday, and Friday evenings. You are welcome to get in touch to inquire about my availability.

Integration by Parts does not accept insurance or any other kind of third-party payment. Clients are themselves directly responsible for all treatment fees accrued.

Individual Therapy

An industry-standard "fifty minute hour" is $140. Many of my clientele, however, find the standard length session too brief for a substantive conversation, and prefer a double-length session (1 hour and 40 minutes), which is offered at a discounted rate of $250.

Paying ten sessions in advance qualifies for a 10% discount, i.e. pay $1,260 up front, get the tenth standard session free.

Payment is due by the start of the session.


My rate for consultations is $140 per hour, with a minimum of one hour (per day), billed to the nearest quarter hour.

Consultation is not therapy, and it is not treatment. It is the provision of information and advice out of my expertise. Retaining my services as a consultant does not establish a therapist-patient relationship nor a supervisor-supervisee relationship.

I consult on a variety of topics, such as: communication with and management of technical staff; research design; understanding and managing antisocial behavior; understanding mental illness; organizational politics and effectiveness; internet culture; and the use of technology by mental health professionals. I welcome opportunities to consult to fellow clinicians on clinical cases; I do not provide clinical supervision at this time.

I am sometimes able to provide pro-bono consultation to volunteer-run non-profit organizations; typically this is a one or two hour one time session. Please inquire.