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Psychotherapy for Scientists, Technologists, Engineers, and Mathematicians

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61 Roseland Street
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Integration by Parts
1770 Mass Ave, Suite 135
Cambridge, MA 02140

Vanessa Layne, MEd, LMHC


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I can be emailed at

Email chain of custody: Email sent to that address is received by the SMTP server of the hosting company I use for (server is located in Washington, D.C.), and then forwarded to the SMTP server of a different company where I have a shell account (server is located in the UK). I handle all email at the command line in a shell account, on a commercial shared hosting server, via SSH (no users are permitted telnet or other unencrypted protocols); my email is backed up nightly to a Debian appliance in my home (in Massachusetts) via rsync with SSL.

Phone and Fax

My main business phone number is 617-299-1611. It is a Google Voice number which forwards to my personal cell phone and sends me email alerting me to missed calls, voicemails, and text messages. Please note that text messages sent to this number, and the phone numbers of callers to this number, are transmitted in across the internet in emails, in the clear.

My fax number is 617-876-0192. It is an SFax number; SFax is a cloud-based fax service from, which claims to be encrypted and HIPAA compliant, and has issued me a BAA in compliance with HIPAA. Please note that when I am faxed at this number, I am emailed a notification in the clear that includes the sender's fax number.


Please address postal mail to:

Integration by Parts
1770 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 135
Cambridge, MA 02140

Alternatively, parcels addressed to Integration by Parts may be hand-delivered to the UPS Store at 1770 Massachusetts Avenue, and they will deliver them to me.

Please do not send mail to the Roseland Street address, as the mailboxes there are not secure.